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1. Where stated, the company is OB Aerials, and the customer shall mean any person, company or organization that places an order with the company for goods and/or services.
2. By accepting the invoice/estimate provided you agree to the advice provided by the company, and suitability, location positioning of any equipment fitted and the terms of the company as set out below, furthermore, you agree to pay in full upon completion of any works carried out, as agreed with the company
3. all goods and services provided by the company are subject to the conditions set out below and will be the basis of the contract between the company and the customer
4. all goods provided by the company will remain the property of the company until payment has been made in full, as set out above
5. the company will assess each job and provide a  estimate for the work considered to provide the best quality of reception signals.
6. Payment for works carried out by OB Aerials are due on completion of works, either by cash, cheque or bank transfer unless otherwise agreed
7. Any time quoted for delivery and/or installation is estimated and not guaranteed. The company cannot be held responsible for the inconvenience due to cancellation/postponement of the appointment beyond the companies control.
8. The company will guarantee the following against faulty material and workmanship:
Satellite equipment received by the company, and its installation, twelve months from the date of invoice
Digital TV/Radio equipment received by the company and its installation, twelve months from the date of installation.
9. any aerial installed in the loft will adversely affect the signal and reception received, although the company will endeavour to maximise the quality of reception received in these circumstances, it cannot guarantee the results from these installations.
10. the company cannot guarantee the quality of reception in your area and received by our equipment or installation. Reception is dependant on many factors out of the companies control. However the company will ensure the reception is received is as good as local factors allow at the time of installation where the digital signal received is below the levels recommended by the codes of practise, but the customer is satisfied with the installation and reception received, the company cannot be held responsible for the maintenance of these signals or quality under its normal guarantee terms.
11. the company will not provide guarantee of warranty on any equipment provided by the customer and installed by the company. Any further visits from the company due to faulty equipment of the customer after installation may result in a chargeable call, which will be discussed and agreed before the company’s visit.
12.Any equipment that is replaced or repaired during the period of guarantee, will remain in Guarantee from the date of the original invoice.

13. This warranty/guarantee does not cover:
1.Reception quality and conditions changing which are outside the companies control which may be but not limited to, local building being erected, trees, cranes maintenance of local transmitters, power cuts, lightning strikes/gales wind etc
2.Movement or damage caused by winds in excess of 60mph
3.interference caused by local radio hams, citizen band radio, electrical appliances or any other transmitting frequencies
4.Any repair, upgrades or alterations carried out by persons other than those employed or instructed to do so by the company
5.Returning of receiving equipment due to alteration of channel frequencies or other Works carried out for the customer against the companies best recommendations, for example installation of an aerial not suitable for the reception area.
6.In the event that the company recommends a cherry picker to be used and the customer agrees, the customer agrees that in the event of making a warranty claim the customer will be liable for the cherry picker charges unless the installation falls below our quality in which case the company will pick up the charge
7.The company will not be held liable for loss or damage caused by fire, theft, flood, riot, explosions, aircraft or items dropped there from, circumstances deemed as acts of God, lightning or damage beyond the suppliers reasonable control or acts from third parties, criminal or not. Installation faults will be rectified.